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Belasco-Stead: Soaring With the Phoenix

 ~ Renew the vision, spirit and recreate success, topics and statements

Ch 1:

1. Self renewal is JOB 1.

EZer to create tomorrow than change today.

Create a difference and leave a legacy.

2. All Biz connections are personal and personal is a form of business. (connections)

Recognize and honor your connections.

3. Create success for all your connections.

4. Learn more in order to contribute to others (connections).

5. Take ownership of job and life .

One person can and will make a change.


Ch 2: Connectivity ~ do it !!!

Interconnectivity: CFT~customer focus teams, video conferences.

Every person can, knee bone connects to thigh bone.

Interdependencies: Share your value, none of us is as smart as all of us. Everything is connected to everything else.

 Customer success is focus and glue: in all your networks, Everyone is a potential client, what are their needs?, understand them, measure delivery, get a clear line of sight to customers ~ which actions deliver best results.

Customer focus at warp speed ~ instant replies by email or perhaps “bulk replies” ~mine. Use a cross-functional transition team.

Align all across your network: Can’t get a strike if you can’t see the pins or the alley.

Architect your relationships, a responsibility.


Ch 3: The Phoenix Mentality: The battlefield, listening, reacting…is your correct.

Altering the mentality code: DNA is spliced, it can be changed, what do you want it to be? This will change behavior.

Reshape: Speed is the only way to get economic payback from technology. 24 months standard engineered to 6 to 9 months. Watch key indicators. Apply knowledge with new applications and create new applicators in new applications.

The Success Equation: Employee success à Customer successà supplier successà community success à reinvestment à back to employee success and so on.

Better u treat associates ~ better they treat customers.

Constantly creating new technology is the only way to sustain competitive advantage.

Who does this?? The associates. Howà

You provide line of sight, tools and training, and help them make the change in their environment.

Tune in to customers and keep that channel.

Complaints go directly to factory floor and not customer service.

Without vital knowledge you are disconnected, dysfunctional and disposable.

These customers have your number, mobile number and home number.


Pay close attention to all kinds of customers:


Develop line of sight with customers (mine= all the entities ~ suppliers-distributors etc.)


Give people the training and tools and let them run. Speed , accuracy, honesty.

Establish monthly performance agreements.


Give people the chance to make a difference and they will.

Share the power and multiply the wealth.


Learn customerese:

Some customers will gladly trade more money for less of their time.

See their world thru your eyes.


Benchmark performance by customer success measures. There are competitors for time and mind share. Do whatever it takes to find out what your customer values and whom they compare your products or services with. Data mining and digital tools will help here.


Create success for suppliers. Are we the customer we want our customers to be?


Include suppliers in the organizational chart.

Treat suppliers as part of the extended organization. Work with them in design, prototyping, production, inventory, development areas. Involve them in shared objectives measures and rewards.


Make success for the community:

Engage not enrage. Win-Win process.

Globally, nationally, regionally and locally.


Create success for shareholders:

Economic Value Added ~ EVA.

Work with all parties to create superior EVA.


Grow or perish ~:

Watch conservatism. Most market share limitations begin in the mind. Basically you must grow.


Losing one customer means many.

Cost more to get than keep.

Can sell more to existing easier.

Offer additional value.

Customer for life is most profitable.   



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